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After the words ‘I do,’ there is something that is as important as your honeymoon getaway. It is the cleaning process of the gorgeous dress you wore on one of the happiest days of your life. Your wedding gown.

Cleaning your wedding gown immediately after your wedding, not only protects the good nature of your wedding dress as it were the first time you wore it. It also preserves a good memory to last for a very long time and makes it possible for you to live the dream of passing it on to your beautiful gown to your daughter or relative.

Why Us

At budget Dry Clean, we offer you the best and the most affordable wedding gown cleaning service. We treat your wedding gown as special because it truly is. We pay close attention to its fragility and delicateness, just as much as you did before picking it up for your special day.

Our employees are specialists who would give your wedding gown the best care it deserves. From making an appointment to picking up your dress, we handle the process with the support of latest system. Each dress is carefully inspected and recommended the appropriate dry cleaning and repair suggestions to restore your dress back to its original state.

Budget Dry Clean has the vision to make dry cleaning affordable to everyone in Singapore. But you should know that as professionals as we are, we don’t first begin to bargain the cost to dry clean your wedding gown. We first inspect it carefully it to know what best treatment it deserves, so as to ensure the rich quality of your gown is as good as it was on your wedding day.

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